Top 9 Ways An Attendance Management Software Can Help You!

Lately, there has been a great talk about the importance of HR management software in enhancing the overall business performance. Not a lot of people know that in making the HR systems efficient, thereby improving the workflow, there are several operation-specific modules that work behind in silos. One similar example is an attendance management module that streamlines the time, leave, holidays, and overall attendance of the workforce. Independent systems namely Attendance Management Software are also available in the market that serve the same purpose.

“Employees that log their time at least once a day are 66% accurate, whereas those who log their time weekly are only 47% accurate.” – Affinitylive, 2014

Common features of Time & Attendance Management System include clocking in & out, leave management, payroll integration, calendar integration, and paid day calculation among others.

Mentioned below are the 9 primitive ways in which an attendance management software can prove to be advantageous for you:

Reduced errors

High-tech HR systems perform automatic calculations which reduces the chances of mistakes related to data accuracy. Moreover, with the efficient algorithms that run and detect any discrepancies in the information, it becomes easier to control and rectify errors in the snap of fingers! When the glitches are next to nil, there is obviously lesser chance of rework and as a result, the performance is enhanced.

Controlled costs

Since half the attendance-related activities get automated once you bring home a top-notch software, the expenses incurred by multiple manual processes are eliminated. For instance, the data is stored in the system now which was earlier maintained in hard copies. The seamless integration of payroll and expense management software with the attendance software ensures cutting extra charges of separate functions. Therefore, it is an add-on benefit of any cost-effective software that it doesn’t burn a hole in the employer’s pocket.

Improved productivity

With streamlined attendance, employees can focus on work without being worried about any discrepancies in the time & attendance record and the final payout. Moreover, as the time is being tracked by an automated system, there is no scope of wasting the hours on other things. As a result of the free mind and increased concentration, the productivity ameliorates.

Enhanced visibility

Advanced software to manage employee attendance comes with the feature of generating in-depth reports that provide valuable insights. An attendance management software therefore enhances the visibility for both employers and employees. Employees can have a look at their attendance at any given time and raise necessary requests, whenever needed. And employers can analyze the reports to come to important conclusions and make strategic decisions.

Increased flexibility

The multifarious features of an attendance software allows it to expand as the company grows, making it scalable. Also, the capability of such technologies extends to being suitable for different categories of users, making it flexible. So, when one uses good software, flexibility comes along with it.

Managed security

These systems are secure and privacy can also be maintained using the same. Only the users having necessary credentials can access the system and one person cannot alter the information of another, making the software safe and free from forgeries/mismanagement.

Maintained compliance

Compliance to regulatory norms and company policies is a must. To stay away from any legal troubles, the attendance software can be auto-updated as per the latest government guidelines, labor laws, and other rules & regulations.

Simplified workflow

Attendance Management is a humongous part of any company’s workflow. Most of the processes are directly related and dependent on it. So, having an attendance management software means that all the interconnected procedures that go on inside an organization can be simplified and streamlined.

Integrated seamlessly

As mentioned before in the blog, a time & attendance software is seamlessly integrated with other systems of the workflow. This feature helps to keep the processes in smooth synchronization with each other, thereby reducing the chances of errors or functional failures.

Hence, an avant-garde approach to manage the attendance of your workforce, by adopting the right software can help your company is a lot of ways, big time!