Reviewing standing desks: Go for an electric one

Let’s be honest – Sitting at the same desk in the same position for hours each day can be tiring. Desk-manning jobs can impact your body in more ways than you think. Beyond causing strain on the back and spine, you may have neck problems, and it may lead to obesity, which is linked to other lifestyle diseases. A simple solution for every professional would be a standing desk, also called a sit-stand desk, or stand-up desk. This kind of desk allows the user to sit and stand as needed. By changing your position every hour or so, you can feel more productive and burn more calories. In this post, we are discussing more on the benefits of buying a PrimeCables electric standing desk

Why select an electric standing desk?

There are different types of standing desks in the market, each one with its pros and cons. Some are just meant to be add-ons, while others work on hydraulics. Your best bet is an electric standing desk, which is powered by electricity and is quick to change positions. Most desks in this category either have push buttons, or touch panels, which allow the user to sit and stand at will. Electric variants cost a lot more than the mechanical ones, but that extra is worth paying for, because you will save considerable time and energy, which is otherwise spent in changing the height of the table. 

Factors that matter

Don’t merely assume that all standing desks have the same height range. The adjustment range becomes even more important, especially if you are someone who is taller or shorter than an average person. Secondly, check the overall weight capacity of the table. This is more critical if you want to use more than one monitor at once. Cable management system is another pointer to take note, and you may want to review a standing desk based on whether it is easy to use in the first place. Check the reviews of the product, and with many electric standing desks, you may have to buy the tabletop additionally, which adds to the cost for sure, but also allows for customization. You can expect to pay around $300 or more for an electric standing desk. 

Final verdict

Electric standing desks are best in class, and these are used extensively in commercial workspaces these days. Just ensure that you pick one that complements your working style and adds to efficiency at the job.