Reducing Ecommerce Fraud With Automated Driver’s License Verification

The emergence of eCommerce has given customers an easier and more convenient means of purchasing goods and services. Even in the comfort of their homes, buyers can complete a transaction with just a few clicks on their mobile devices.

However, as online merchants interact with numerous customers daily, they must ensure that these people are who they claim they are. Fraudulent individuals are relentless in trying to circumvent inadequate cybersecurity measures. They will use stolen personal data to create new accounts or take over existing ones to perform fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

Furthermore, with the COVID-19 pandemic driving traditional brick-and-mortar stores to migrate to the digital space, criminals look to take advantage of unprepared businesses to defraud their services. As fraud cases match the pace of eCommerce growth, online merchants must enhance their security protocols while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Modern identity verification solutions can efficiently confirm a person’s claimed identity. For example, mobile facial biometric identity proofing uses commonly available mobile devices to perform the process quickly and securely. Customers can easily take a selfie and have it compared to the photo on their driver’s license.

Afterward, an active-liveness detection test confirms a user’s real-time presence by asking them to perform gestures known only at the time of authentication, such as blinking, smiling, or moving their head.

Moreover, online merchants can further eliminate risks by layering their identity document authentication capacity to prove their government ID’s genuineness. An automated driver’s license authentication will compare the provided credential to known specimen documents in trusted databases like document registries. Customers can also opt for passwordless authentication to eliminate the risk of stolen passwords with their existing accounts.

Identity assurance is paramount in the remote business model. To know more about the role of modern identity proofing solutions and automated identity document authentication in mitigating eCommerce fraud, an infographic by Ipsidy is provided below.

Reducing eCommerce Fraud with Automated Driver’s License Verification