Racking System for Private and Commercial Use

It is recommended that you give some thought to purchasing shelving solutions to maximize the amount of storage space that can be found in your office closet or basement bunker. The boltless racks can be employed in a variety of settings, including domestic as well as commercial ones. When the weight is spread equally, the weight-bearing capability of each level varies from 200 to 650 kilograms, making it very ideal for use in industrial settings.  We encourage you to go through our dedicated website that was developed specifically to provide exhaustive information on the topic of boltless racks so that you can get more insight into the boltless rack Kuala Lumpur. The high-duty boltless storage racks each have a shelf capacity of 650 kilograms, making them ideal for storing big items.

Variations in the Quality of Storage Racks

We took racks that were originally designed for use in heavy-duty industrial settings and modified them so that they may be used in the storage space of a house without sacrificing their level of safety. Our storage racks have a load capacity that ranges from 250 kilograms to 400 kilograms, and owing to our experience in warehousing equipment, they are designed to have a load capacity that allows them to be “installed and forgotten.” Although this is not required in a typical home, it is the method through which long-lasting products are manufactured.

What is the definition of a boltless rack?

Standard warehouse gondola rack supplier Malaysia includes an L-shaped bracket strip with front and back bolt and nut connections.  The graphic down below can help you spot it. While it accomplished its job, some racks don’t make it through their first year and fall apart at the first sign of a loose nut or an overcrowded shelf. Boltless racks are meant to be assembled without the use of nuts and bolts. The rack’s construction has been made simpler, quicker, and safer by doing away with the need for nuts and bolts.  It’s more secure since you’ll never have to wonder whether the bolt or nut has come free.

It’s simple to construct and much simpler to rearrange. You may adjust the size of your shelf by simply using a mallet and some spare time. You won’t have to fumble around with bolts, nuts, screwdrivers, or spanners anymore.  Look at the rear of any of the classic bolted racks to see what I mean. Each post has two nuts, and they’re in a bad location that makes them difficult to reach. What if you decided to change the size of the shelf and then discovered it wasn’t adequate? Instead of spending hours rearranging the eight nuts on a conventional bolted rack, you can do it in five minutes with a boltless rack. Achieving parity is never a problem. Our innovative slot-in design ensures that your shelf will remain level at all times. Please note that this already nut-and-bolt racks are not something we provide for sale. Every one of our racks is also boltless.