Is your friend a tech-fan? See these unique gift ideas for tech fans in 2021

Do you have a friend, relative or boyfriend addicted to technology? So, when it comes to choosing a gift, whether it’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or other celebrations, the tip is to bet on technological items. But you must be thinking that this type of gift can be very expensive, right? Want some tips on best tech gifts for 2021? See the list of very cool ideas that we have prepared.

  1. Tablet pen

For friends who use tablets a lot, the suggestion is to buy one of these special pens, which make it a lot easier for quick notes and are very useful for everyday life. And the best part is that it is not expensive.

  1. Case for tablet, phone or notebook

Another cool and very cheap idea is the covers for cell phones, notebooks, or tablets. You can have it personalized, or simply choose a print that has to do with the style and personality of the person who will be presented.

  1. E-readers (for those who love to read)

This is already a gift that will cost a little more, but certainly worth it, especially for that friend who besides loving technology also loves to read. It is a kind of tablet, made exclusively for e-books.

  1. Custom mouse pad

Another cool option is personalized mouse pads. They are not technological items, but they are important everyday accessories for anyone who uses the computer to work. Opt for a cool and personalized print that has to do with your friend’s style.

  1. Instant cameras

Instant cameras are expensive, but they are really cool to give to someone who likes technology, photography and traveling. There are options for all styles, from the practical and incredible Go-Pro, to instant-cam that reveal the photo on the spot.

  1. Cell phone camera lenses

Another very cool suggestion is the cell phone camera lens. They guarantee better photos, with greater capture capacity and are not expensive. Ideas for those friends who like to post well produced photos on the internet.

  1. Mobile phone holders

These supports are very cool for those friends who love to stay on the cell phone, and get tired of holding the device for so long. It is also very useful for watching videos, movies, etc. on the cell phone screen.

  1. Mobile screen magnifier

Many people nowadays spend hours watching videos, series and even movies on their cell phones. For these people a really cool tip is this image magnifier, which you will easily find in online stores at a very affordable price.

  1. Lap pad for notebook

Is your friend the one who stays on top with the notebook on his lap? So he needs support like that. Some of these pillows / trays even have a lamp and space to place the cup.

  1. Digital picture frame

How about a digital picture frame? You can even select some cool photos to stay there. It is a gift that anyone who loves technology will like whether to decorate the bedroom or the living room. You bet.

  1. Smart watches

These watches cost a little more, but they are certainly great gifts. They are useful because they connect with your cell phone, as well as helping to control your heart rate and measure mileage covered, which is really cool for those who like to walk or run.

  1. Thermal mug with heater

It is a cheap and fun gift. This gift has everything to do with those who love to drink coffee, tea or any other very warm drink in winter. With a USB port, you can connect it anywhere to warm up your drink.

Keep these 12 incredible tech-gift ideas in mind, and present your friend a unique smile at affordable prices.