Is Eustoma a Rose?

Eustoma is not a rose, although they look very similar. Eustoma or also known as lisianthus is originally from South America, more specifically from Mexico. Japanese people really love this flower, that’s why it is often called Japanese rose. This flower looks so much like roses, that’s why it is often mistaken as a rose.

Eustoma comes in various colors, such as red, white, purple, and pink. It can be used as decoration plants or to be used as bouquets. However, the difference with roses is that eustoma does not have a single thorn. Another difference is the twig is not as sturdy as roses so sometimes it’s difficult to have eustoma as a bouquet.

Eustoma has a positive side, which is that it can last long even after being cut. While other flowers usually can only last for 7 days, eustoma can last for 14 days. It is no wonder that the price for eustome is quite high or expensive.

Just like roses, this flower or eustoma likes the sunlight and will grow well if planted in chill areas. Lisianthus, or Japanese flower, or eustoma likes neutral ground or ground that has little acid in it.

Lisianthus likes good drainage and a decent humidity. Usually, insects like butterflies and bees will come around if the flower blooms. Since most countries in Southeast Asia do not have snow season, eustoma can bloom all year long. Nowadays, many farmers grow eustoma so the price becomes more expensive, but the color and shape become more beautiful.

Characterisation of this flower is that it has 5 cm diameter and the length 15 until cm. The color combination is also unique, as it can grow with two different colors at once.

Even Though lisianthus likes the chill weather, it will grow well in warmer areas. That is why it is good for its original country, Mexico. Mexico has quite a humid and warm weather, which is perfect for eustoma to grow.

Eustoma has many names. Like we have talked before, some of them are lisianthus and Japanese roses. It has even more names like Prairie Gentian, Prairie Rose, and Texas Bluebell. Eustoma has many names because it has travelled a lot throughout the world.

Eustoma can grow from small seeds, and if you have an ideal garden you can plant it until it blooms. Some farmers said that it takes 22 to 24 weeks for a seed to grow, so you should make a comfortable home for the eustoma seed so it can grow happily and beautifully.

Don’t hesitate to move the eustome once it gets bigger. Move the flower to a bigger pot or even to a fresh ground in your backyard. Your garden or backyard will be filled by beautiful eustoma flower that look like roses, but without thorns.

There are many styles in which you can use eustoma as a decoration or bouquet. First is the Nordic style. The style that recently became popular through the internet has become many people’s pick to decorate their homes. Pick simple colors like pink or white, or the combination of both. Put the eustoma in a gold or silver vase. You can mix and match with white or pastel pink couch and a modernist painting. The second one is rustic style. Many college students like this style because it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can use yellow or white eustoma and combine it with bamboo or rustic vase, or even canvas cloth. Don’t forget to add dangling yellow lights for the ‘indie’ effect. The third one is classic wealthy style. This is a style you would see in Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf’s living room. You can combine it with a glass or marble floor and a fancy vase. You can also use candle-shaped lights to add a more sophisticated effect. The last one is the minimalist style. Surprisingly, this kind of style also matches the flower eustoma. Because, eustoma looks very simple and not too much for decoration. Make sure to choose a simple vase and simple colors such as white. Don’t use too many colors in the room as it can lose the minimalist effect and becomes too campy. The key is to do whatever you like, to use whatever you love, and do whatever makes you comfortable. Afterall, the one who enjoys it is you, and not anybody else.

There is a hidden message behind the flower eustoma, is that you should be happy and cheerful no matter what happens. Their appearance that is simple and elegant catches many people’s eyes and becomes their favorite. This small flower is a perfect example about how no matter how small we are, we can contribute such big things to the world and how everyone can add so much happiness to the whole world. Getting your flower is easy, simply go to birthday gift delivery Singapore.