How to Use Credit Cards to Cater to your Wedding Expenses?

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Weddings are an expensive affair, and their funding needs to be planned and budgeted to avoid any type of financial constraints. Credit cards can prove to be quite useful in funding some portion of your expenses but should not be used as the only option for the same.

Let us look at some ways in which you can use your lifetime free credit card to manage your wedding-related expenses.

Planning for Your Wedding Expenses

Your wedding expenses will depend on the number of people invited, the location, the food, the functions planned, the type of decoration you want and many other things. So, the first thing you should do is to plan out your wedding details and then make an estimate of the expected expenses. This should be followed by an assessment of the funds available with you in your bank account or other investments that can be used now.

Even if you have adequate money to fund all your expenses, there are several benefits of using your credit card to make certain payments.

UseYour Life-Time Free Credit Card

Doing this will ensure that you do not incur any annual charges while getting access to credit for a period of 30 to 40 days depending on the billing cycle. Several cards offer you the option to use the card and pay off the balance over six to twelve months, without incurring any kind of interest charges.

If you are using this offer, do remember to pay off the due amount before the end of the introductory offer period to avoid highinterest costs thereafter.

Use the Special Offers Available with Your Card

Many cards offer special discounts on bookings of hotels or air ticket bookings. Use this feature to plan your honeymoon or make the bookings for your guests.  This will help you register significant savings on your total costs.

Make Use of Your Reward Points

Your credit card offers you a chance to earn reward points on various types of transactions. Make the most of it and use your card to earn a good amount of reward points that can be converted at a later stage into cash backs and attractive discounts on future purchases.

You can even use your previously earned reward points to get discounts on your wedding purchases or payments for making the necessary arrangements. When you apply for a credit card, do check whether it offers bonus points on certain spending categories or on purchases above a certain limit.

Use Multiple Cards to Fund Your Expenses

Using more than one card can be a good way to manage your wedding-related costs efficiently. If possible, go for cards with different billing cycles so that you have access to more credit and get a good time to pay back the amount.

You can use a travel card to plan your holiday while using a card that offers discounts and other offers on shopping to buy your wedding attire and other essentials. But remember to keep track of the due dates for the payment of all the bills of all the credit cards that you use. This will help you avoid any misses and stay disciplined.