How to Tell if Your Tyres are Bald

Simply put, bald tyres means they don’t have any tread left on them. With every mile driven, tyres tread wears down and it eventually become unsafe to drive with reduced a tread life. Tyre treads make up of carefully designed channels or grooves on the surface of the tyre. It’s this pattern that provides solid road grip and traction in potentially dangerous conditions like bad weather and rough surfaces. 

What makes bald tires dangerous?


Reduced tread pattern causes hydroplaning – meaning there’s a layer of water between the road surface and tyre. And when this happens there’s an increased risk of car slipping especially on wet roads in rain and snow. Leading brands like Michelin have deep grooves that keep the water away from the tyre and allows for a solid road grip. For UAE residents, Michelin tires prices offer the best value for money due to their versatile performance on different road conditions. Allowing excellent control, Michelin Tyres are reliable on both wet and dry roads. 

Heat Buildup

Driving creates a friction between the road and your car tyres. And friction causes heat that can make the car go out of control or even cause the tyre to blowout. The right amount of tread prevents the tyre from heating up and allows the air to pass through the grooves. Bald tires are dangerous as heat can easily build up and make driving unsafe. 

Loss of Air Pressure

Air pressure decreases quickly with bald tyres. With good tread depth, the tire maintains its pressure and makes the ride safe and comfortable for the driver and passengers. Under-inflated tyres are not just dangerous but also result in more fuel consumption. 

So how can you tell that your tyres are bald?

An inspection by experienced mechanic is all you need to determine if your tyres have required tread left in them. If you’re looking for a reliable tire shop Dubai then Dubai Tyre Shop is the place to be. A trusted online tyre buying platform, you can get expert advice on all tyre related questions. Here are some of the signs of bald tires. 

Cracks and Bulges: A professional mechanic will perform an overall inspection and look for cuts and cracks. Any unusual bulges in the sidewall and tread, visible cracks on the rubber, and deep cuts are an indication that your tyres need to be replaced. 

Wear Bars and Indicators: All quality tyres have tread bar indicators that are built into the rubber. With the right amount of tread depth they are not visible but once the tread wears down, the bar can easily be seen. And that’s your cue of a bald, worn out tyre. 

Tread Depth: Use a tread gauge to find out the depth of your tyre. It’s not expensive and can easily fit into the glove compartment. Another option is to use a coin and inserting it into the tread, and how deep it goes in will tell you that its time for tyre replacement.