How to Enjoy the Golf Course with Kids

Golf is a fabulous sport for all ages. Great memories are shared when golf is played with family members. The timing of when and how to can greatly impact how engaged your kids become in the game. Certainly, the equipment and accessories, such as fun putter headcovers, are one way!

Continue reading for ideas on enjoying golf with your kids.

Remember, it is about the kids.

Once on the course, it is so tempting to work on your own game – just a bit. You might not think your child will notice, but they will. Focus all your attention on the moment. Your kids grow so quickly. And you do want your kids to learn about and embrace the game.

While you are playing with your kids, your role is as a coach, caddie, and golf companion. When you are coaching, be sure to provide position feedback. As a caddie, offer suggestions of which club might be the best option. Lastly, as a golf companion, have fun!

Time and fun are critical.

Remember there are no rules in friendly matches of golf that you must play nine holes. You do not want to keep playing until the kids are frustrated or over tired. It is best to wrap up the game while everyone is still having fun.

Along with not needing to play the full round of golf, you do not have to play the entire length of the hole. You can shorten the hole by the location in which you have your kids tee off from. Or you can play scramble or best ball. This moves the game along and makes it more of a team game.

Equipment does matter.

There is not a need to spend a lot of money on golf equipment for your kids. You can buy used golf gear. This is a great option since kids will outgrow their clubs. However, it is important that the equipment is correctly sized for your kids. It is frustrating and takes the enjoyment out of the game to play with clubs that are too long or too short.

Showing your children how to care for their equipment is important, too. Using putter headcovers is a great way to accomplish this.

Enjoy your rounds of golf with your kids!