How Does A CNC Machine Center Helps Increase Production?

The idea of automation fascinates the world industry. Why? The automation promises an increase in the efficiency of the production line and ultimately generates hefty profit for the manufacturers. Thanks to technology like CNC machine center (เครื่อง CNC machining center, which is the term in Thai) now that dream can be made into reality. The machine centers not only increase the production at your factory but also consistently maintains quality while automating the process of production.

Reason to Use CNC machine Centre

·       Low Cycle Time

The max speed that a CNC machining center can reach is 2300 inches per minute. The fast speed lowers the time it takes to complete a cycle. A cycle consists of many different activities such as positioning of cutting tool precisely, moving the spindle, and change of tools. The CNC machine reduces all the time that goes into doing these activities due to automating the tool change process.

·       High Precision

The quality of the product will depend on how precisely CNC can cut while designing. A CNC machine is so precise that it can cut about ¼ of the width of human hair. That is about as precise as 0.001 inches.

·       Automation Of The Process

Previously, during the production process, tooling eats up a lot of time. However, the machining center lets you automate all the processes. With ATC (Automatic Tool Changer), the machine changes the tool automatically in an instant. The program controls what kind of tool needs to change and use in the tooling process. That reduces any chance of error and finishes the job in less time.

Moreover, there is the feature of an automatic pallet changer (APC), which allows one pallet to be controlled by the operator. Also, another pallet is located in the cutting area. The accessible pallet allows an operator to load, unload and process according to their will, while the machine job is to cut precisely, improving the spindle utilization.

·       Tool Breakage Sensors

Often the production gets on hold due to damage to the tool. The maintenance of the tools also costs a lot of time and money. However, with the machining center, you can optimize all the maintenance and tool replacement processes. The CNC machining center makes use of sensors that can keep track of the health of a tool and machine component during the process. The sensor tracks, which tools are highly likely to fail, and then gives you an alert so that you can plan the maintenance or time of tool replacement ahead. Moreover, to avoid any error, the machining center also provides alerts if the tools fail during the process. That way, you can avoid producing a defective piece.