Home Air Purifier Dos and Don’ts

Besides using non-toxic disinfectants, another way to keep your home free of germs are home air purifiers. Home air purifiers filter the air and release disinfectant mists to kill airborne viruses.

It is no wonder why post-COVID-19 pandemic, people are still investing in room purifiers. But did you know that all your investments will be in vain if you don’t use your home air purifier properly?

Here are the dos and don’ts to maximise the results of your room air purifier.

1. DO place your air purifier at the appropriate location.

The most common mistake people make is placing their air purifiers in a random location. There are certain things you need to consider when choosing a location for your room air purifier: airflow, size of the room, walls and obstacles, and openings.

  • Airflow

Dust particles waft midair. Moreover, people breathe air at their level. Therefore, placing your home air purifier on the floor is ineffective since it only filters the air at the bottom.

The best way is to elevate your room air purifier, so it can filter the air in the middle of the space, the air people breathe in.

  • Room size

For efficiency, use your home purifier in the appropriate room size. For example, a tiny home air filter will be ineffective in a 30 sqm room, but it is efficient in a ten sqm home.

  • Walls and obstacles

Never place your air purifier against the walls or furniture. To begin with, there is a restricted airflow near walls and corners; hence your room air purifier doesn’t get to filter most of the air at the corner of the wall.

Furthermore, placing your air purifier next to a closet, sofa, or table only blocks the airflow.

  • Openings

It is ideal to place your home air purifier near the door or window where air enters to maximise efficiency.

2. DON’T open the windows and doors when your home air purifier is on.

As mentioned, air enters through doors and windows. It brings dust particles in them. Therefore, leaving your windows and doors open defeats the purpose of your air purifier. Dust will only continue to enter your home.

3. DO replace your filters regularly.

Your home air purifier is not as efficient as it is supposed to be when its filters are thick with dirt. Remember to clean or replace the filters at least twice a month.

Otherwise, mould and bacteria will start to grow on the dirt buildup of your filters. They can cause health issues, such as triggering asthma attacks, allergic rhinitis, and other respiratory conditions

4. DON’T change the location of your air purifier.

People with only one room air purifier typically relocate their equipment from room to room. But this is not advisable. The air quality will return to being dirty without the air purifier constantly purifying it.

If you only have one air purifier, the best place is the bedroom. It is because people spend at least 10 hours of their day in the bedroom. Communal spaces, like the living room, are good places as well.

You will only get the value for your money on a home air purifier if you are able to maximise its results.

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