Examining the Oracle Dump Files  


If you’ve ever wanted to get data saved in Oracle dump file with no live instance of Oracle server? The thing is that Oracle dump format doesn’t have public specification and there’s no method to extract data from such files except the normal IMP or IMPDP tools requiring connection to Oracle database server. If someone needs to read the data from dump file, the only option is to install Oracle instance and import that file into database.

Intelligent Converters software development company has researched format of Oracle export files and introduced set of tools to export it in to the most desired data sources. This can be referred to as OraDump Export Kit, selection of tools to export Oracle dump files into MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and CSV. Key features: 

  • the tools read data from dump files directly, installation of Oracle components or any other middleware is not required
  • all versions of Oracle dump files produced by exp and expdp tools are supported
  • encrypted and parallel export dump files are supported
  • all Oracle data types are supported including large objects (LOB) and spatial SDO_GEOMETRY
  • customization of types mapping allows to improve name and type of any column, exclude particular columns from conversion
  • all indexes and constraints are processed 
  • fast algorithm of direct reading can process more than 1GB per hour on an average modern system

Furthermore, this product can store conversion settings into profile to be used in next runs. Command line support allows to automate and schedule the process of export from Oracle dump files into other data sources. 

Besides migration tools from Oracle dump format into all popular database management systems built for end users, Intelligent Converters developed OraDump Export API for developers, so they can integrate capabilities of reading Oracle dump files and export data into different formats of their applications. The API allows developers to export data from Oracle dump files into PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access, SQL Server or Azure, MS Excel and comma separated values (CSV) via just a couple of lines of code.  

OraDump Export API is distributed in form of dynamically loaded library (DLL) that exposes all data migration capabilities throughout COM interfaces. So, it can be used from any language supporting COM technology (C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, etc). There’s no need to be an IT expert before you can use it. Each interface is simple and clear to understand. 

As every of Intelligent Converters products, both OraDump Export Kit and OraDump Export API are provided with 24/7 support and 12 months subscription for updates (customers receive latest version of the software free of charge during 12 months after purchasing). 

To learn more about OraDump Export Kit please visit the product’s homepage: https://www.convert-in.com/ordekit.htm