Everything you need to know about Baptist universities

Atlanta stands 7th in student enrollment among America’s largest urban areas. There are 57 colleges and universities in the Atlanta region and of which the most popular universities are operated under the auspices of the Georgia Baptist Convention. 

After doing high school, you may feel strong and bold heading out into a whole new world. But it is a very crucial phase of your life and vulnerable too. This is because you are not venturing out to have fun and enjoy your life; it is a time in your life when you need to consider your future very seriously. Ask yourself, what do you want to do with your life? And among all this, you have to decide which college you want to attend. 

There are hundreds of universities across America, but most of these institutions prioritize nurturing their student’s academic performance and skills. On the other hand, a Baptist university in Atlanta, GA promotes their students toward spirituality and fosters more all-rounded individuals. That means, at Christian Universities, you will not only find students equipped with advanced skills and knowledge specific to a profession but also with values and a strong code of ethics. This is the reason Baptist universities are growing in number.

Why go to a Baptist university in Atlanta, GA?

After completing your schooling, it is time to spread your wings and analyse how you want to shape your future. Joining a Christian university is known to help students discover their God-given purpose and passions. Only at Christian universities are students allowed to read and interpret scripture, nourish their spiritual life, and solidify their foundational beliefs besides academics. So if you are a student seeking an opportunity to deepen your faith as you pursue your higher education, the Baptist university is the best place for you to be in. Mentors at these colleges believe that education is not only meant to prepare you for a job, make money and live a lavish life; instead, it should also help individuals:



  • Integrate their faith into their life
  • Find answers to the life’s most challenging questions and dilemmas
  • Develop godly character traits in themselves
  • Learn how to live a life of a Christian in an unchristian world

Probably, these reasons were enough to convince you to attend a Baptist university. If you are interested, you may wonder what separates one Christian University from another. So scroll down and continue reading to find out the answer!

Qualities to look for in a Baptist university in Atlanta, GA

Here are some qualities to look for in a Baptist university you choose to attend:

Christian Service

Going to a college should be more than just getting theoretical knowledge from books. Right? Everyone must learn to give back and serve others. So, for this reason, find a university that primarily emphasises Christian/ community service. Look for a college dedicated to helping out in communities, local neighborhoods, and hospitals. You will get real-world experience while giving back through local and global mission trips, service opportunities, etc.

Professors with a Christian worldview

There is no denying that professors or mentors are the ones who influence their student’s mindsets the most. The professors at your chosen Baptist university in Atlanta, GA should be trustworthy to underpin their beliefs and teachings and influence the students’ minds. You should look for a college where faculty members offer a biblical framework for their students to live, research, publish and serve the community.

Department of ministry teams

If you are passionate about your faith, then it is vital to look for a university with a good department of ministry teams that is excited about sharing the word of God and will support you in your faith journey. You may not always make up with one particular team or another, so your college must have various types of ministry teams to choose from, such as music, outreach, etc.