Essential Tips for Improving Your Web Design in 2022

So, you have heard by now that website content is of great importance, however – Did you know that it isn’t just the content on your website that is important? After speaking with the experts at web design Lancashire, we have found that your website should not only feature good content, but also a design which feeds into your website’s user experience and functionality at the same time as being simple and easy to understand.

To learn how you can improve your website. Keep on reading…

Expert Web Design Tips

Keep your homepage minimalistic and clutter-free – People rarely read every word that is on a web page – Instead we quickly scan through content to find what we are looking for. Of course, text and call-to-actions are needed but you should break these up with large subheadings, images, and icons.

Design with visual hierarchy in mind – Content must be arranged in a clear manner. Remember that you only have a few seconds to grab user’s attention. You need to put a lot of thought into the colours that you use, size and more. More and more reputable websites are designed using strips which help to organise a website page into easy-to-understand sections.

Create easy to read website content – We have already said content isn’t all that matters – however you must ensure that any content on your website is easy to read. You need to ensure that people can read your website content easily. You should consider putting a contrasting colour behind your text, using a larger font, and sticking to just one or two different fonts on your website.

Make your site easy to navigate – When a user gets to your site, they should be able to find exactly what they are looking for without having to click more than a couple of times. Your website should have a solid navigation system. Link your logo to your homepage, make your menu easy to use, offer vertical navigation and work on your footer.

Be mobile friendly – It is 2022 and if your website is not already mobile friendly, where have you been? Websites must now be mobile friendly as so many people now use their mobile devices to view websites.

These are only some of the web design best practices and tips. It doesn’t have to be costly, and just a few simple changes can make a difference.

Most business owners are incredibly busy and don’t have the time to re-design their websites. If you feel like you are in this position, I would highly recommend employing RS Digital Marketing who will not only be able to design you a website which your customers will love but also a website that the search engines love.