Comparing the Advantages of Buying a Mazda Pre-Owned and Used Car

When you plan to buy a Mazda vehicle, you can have either the option to buy a brand new model, or go for a used one. If you decide to go for the latter, then again you have two options. Either to go for a certified pre-owned vehicle, or a plain used one.

We all know that even the pre-owned certified models are also used vehicles, but they are given a higher status for a reason. As a result, the certified pre-owned models of any leading brand like Mazda will certainly cost you more than any regular used car, but as the thumb rule goes, you will also get several advantages against that little higher investment. Here we will discuss all those advantages that we learned from the dealership owner who has a full inventory categorized under used cars for sale Las Vegas.

Where Lies the Difference

As mentioned earlier, even the certified pre-owned cars are basically used cars. But the term ‘used car’ sounds more unofficial than the ‘pre-owned certified’ ones, since the automotive market demarcate the two on the basis of some criteria, that we will list down right here.

Negotiability of Price

In the segment of regular used cars, the sale price for a particular model can be negotiated among the two parties. On the other side, the certified pre-owned cars will be put up for sales with a fixed price, and the price cannot be negotiated.

Certified Inspection

Vehicles that undergoes a full 150-point inspection and is verified and certified by a dealership, will only be counted as a certified pre-owned vehicle, and not otherwise. This formally differentiates the certified pre-owned ones from the rest of the used cars, since the latter will not be certified in the same way, by any authorized dealership.

Hence, it is quite understandable that for the same reason, the used cars will also not provide any warranty from any dealership as well. So, one can bargain on a regular used car, but not on a pre-owned certified one. Above that, it can also be guessed easily, that the latter category will be of latest generation models, and hence will be gently used, while there can be no such guarantee when you go for a plain used car.

Simultaneously, a certified pre-owned vehicle will count lower figures of traveled miles, on the odometer and have lesser number of entries under the record of its repair history. No wonder, such cars will have no difficulties to get a financer, while the used cars have less chances of finding one.

When we were exploring the used cars for sale Las Vegas, we realized one thing for sure. It is both ways beneficial to go for a pre-owned certified vehicle rather than a regular used car, for those who want to save some money in comparison to buying a brand new car, and also want to buy peace of mind, while all the used car buyers can get is a model that comes at a lower price but without any added advantage.