5 Top Ways to Ensure Your Restaurant Is Spick-And-Span

Restaurant owners know how difficult it can be to maintain proper hygiene, especially when the cleanliness of the restaurant is crucial for the well-being of the customers and the employees. Moreover, it also builds the restaurant’s reputation, more so after the COVID-19 pandemic.

All these hygienic steps are important, whether it’s not letting water stagnant in the sink and Commercial Dish Tables or as simple as mopping the seating area. Through this blog, you will know some of the best ways to keep your restaurant as clean as possible. Read on.

Regularly inspecting the restaurant areas.

The restaurant managers should check the kitchen areas, dining areas, and washrooms to ensure that the health and hygiene needs of the restaurant are according to the Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSIS) standards. The kitchen area should be adequately cleaned for food preparation and hygiene handling.

Daily cleaning tasks

Here is a list of daily cleaning tasks which need to be done at all costs:

  • Cleaning of the grease traps
  • Changing the foil lining of the range, grill, and the flattops
  • Washing the can openers
  • Running of the filters in the dishwasher
  • Soaking off extra water on the Commercial Dish Tables

Strict regulations for the staff

Your employees and staff must follow strict rules to maintain the restaurant’s hygiene. For instance, there should not be any eating, smoking, or drinking in the kitchen and nearby areas.

If you wish to handle the visitors safely, your employees must also maintain their hygiene and indulge in frequent hand-washing. To that account, you must provide them with clean uniforms, suitable gloves, hygienic equipment, hairnets, and other safety modes.

In the covid era, it is even more essential that the staff sanitize their hands every three hours. Additionally, if there is any wear or tear in the gloves or uniform, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Cuts, open sores, or wounds must be covered with waterproof bandages.

Pay attention to the linens.

You also need to ensure that tablecloths, curtains, and napkins must be cleaned regularly. Unclean linens are not only unhygienic but are a major turn-off for potential customers. So, it is best to always have some spare and new linens in the restaurant to avoid those nasty stains ruining the vibe.

The fridge and freezer are as essential.

People often miss out on cleaning the fridge and freezer in the restaurant. While it could be a long process, it is vital that you clean the old food stains. Begin by sanitizing the exterior of the fridge and freezer, and then go inside. Further, the food stored inside should essentially be germ-free and fresh.

Long-term safety

While the steps mentioned previously should be followed on a more regular basis, other long-term tips should be taken into account. For example, you should check the fire suppression system and fire extinguisher. Cleaning the hoods twice a year is also a must, along with cleaning the pilot lights on other gas kitchen equipment.

Wrapping Up

Restaurant cleanliness has multi-fold benefits and is necessary if you wish to build a solid brand image. These methods mentioned above are the bare minimum that restaurant owners must follow to maintain the place’s cleanliness. You can also look for advanced cleaning methods and hygiene equipment to amp up the hygiene game of your restaurant.