How Is Nuclear Energy a Better Alternative To Renewable Energy

In these times, when there are various options of energy available to a person, one might get confused in choosing the right one.

Non-renewable sources of energy are out of the discussion as they use up the natural reserves of the earth, such as coal and petroleum, which cannot be obtained easily. On the other hand, all renewable energy sources have many constraints. This leaves us with nuclear energy, which is a better alternative, and here are the reasons why it is so.

Has a higher capacity

Nuclear energy produces energy way more than renewable sources of energy. One should keep in mind that nuclear energy is produced more efficiently. It can produce energy at its maximum power 93% of the time all around the year.

This implies that it is twice or sometimes thrice as efficient as a renewable energy plant. Another factor that adds to its importance is the fact that it requires very low maintenance.

Low maintenance

A nuclear plant does not require high maintenance. It can easily be managed by a small team of workers. While other plants require a large team of workers employed 24/7.


One might find some places too cold to set up a solar plant. When it comes to setting up a wind-driven energy plant, one needs to find a place with enough wind velocity. A hydraulic plant also has certain constraints, such as the height of a waterfall, the size of the turbine, and a seedy water source. But not all places have such facilities.

Thus, we can see that all these resources need to have certain basic components which are not available at all times at all places. While nuclear plants can be set up anywhere without any constraints.

Thus, nuclear energy becomes a more reliable one that can power the globe from anywhere


Setting up a nuclear plant may seem very costly, but nuclear energy production is very cheap. Due to this, people living around these plants can easily connect with good light companies with no deposit.

Moreover, being low maintenance cuts production costs too.

An Economic choice

A nuclear plant, besides producing energy at a low cost, is also not affected by any environmental changes. Therefore, it provides an uninterrupted supply of energy to industries and households.

Moreover, its ability to be constructed at any place irrespective of its geography makes it easier to set up a plant and create job opportunities at any place. Additionally, its durability creates lifelong job opportunities.

Eco-Friendly mode of Energy

When global warming and afforestation are destroying nature, nuclear energy can become an eco-friendly substitute. This mode does not produce a large amount of waste or consume any natural resources.

Apart from these benefits, it is clean energy that does not give out any toxic substances. Also, it doesn’t give out any greenhouse gases that can harm the ozone layer.

Therefore, a smokeless energy production plant can be the only way to save nature from further deterioration.

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